Gearheart Construction has been building and renovating fine residences in Fort Worth for over 40 years. Whether renovating a masterpiece, or creating one, the combined years of experience present on every Gearheart Construction job site makes quite an impression. From English Tutor to hard-edge contemporary; no detail of any design escapes the scrutiny of a master tradesman's eyes. As a cornerstone of Gearheart Construction's approach to constructing some of the most prestigious homes in the state, the company's professional team gladly accepts the challenge of building any home's style.

Four Project Managers, each a master-craftsman in his own right, meet together with Joe Gearheart every day to discuss the status of the firms work in progress. "Any of these men would be highly successful if they chose to open their own company today," explained Gearheart, "but they've decided to work together here. The combined experience these men bring to a project is awesome and the final product really does speak for itself." One of the biggest challenges when renovating an existing residence is keeping additions from looking like an addition. On one project, Gearheart Construction had finished a renovation and addition when the inspector made the final visit to the site. He walked around the house several times and questioned whether he was inspecting the correct address. "He was concerned that he might have the wrong address or the wrong house. He was unable to find anything indicating where the original structure stopped and the new construction began." To the joy of architect, engineers, designers and the home's owners, the renovation was seamless. Gearheart Construction professionals have become masterful with this kind of quality of work and these high expectations continue to guide the team.

Not only is Gearheart Construction adept at building fine luxury homes, but it also enjoys renovating existing residences as well. Immense pride is placed in the process that Gearheart Construction has developed - working with architects, engineers and designers on preliminary interviews and designs. Long-term relationships with supplies, vendors and subcontractors are reflected in the efficient planning and execution of each project. Standards of excellence are in place for everyone, on every job. Some homeowners have been working with Gearheart Construction since the firm's inception. For these established relationships - and first-time clients alike - care and responsiveness are increased by having more that 35 trained field personnel who can offer a deeper range of services to clients.Discriminating homeowners have constant expectations, and relationships with clients often remain in place long after an assignment has been completed.

Gearheart Maintenance Company was created seven years ago to provide such clients with experienced professionals for common maintenance work that may simply require a carpenter for a day or two or services that others might treat as routine. The list of happy homeowners continues to grow and Joe couldn't take more pride in the company and the quality of homes they produce together. Great care is invested into every step they take in constructing a home - from the interview and estimate to the pouring of the foundation and more - as Gearheart Construction continues to build residences across the neighborhoods of Fort Worth.

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